We are specialized to offer all services related to storage, analysis, check, keeping and logistics related to cereals.

La C.M.C.  srl have a system for stock cereals, compund of number 16 metal silos with a capacity of 500 tons each and number 15 metal silos with a capacity of 1500 tons each. There are also number 2 hoppers with a load campacity of 110 tons for hour.

In the silos can be stock any type of cereals for human consumption like durum wheat, soft wheat, barley, oats, corn, broad beans, etc.

It’s, also, possibile to stock biological goods and health constraint.

Our services include weight control of goods in entrance and in exit. Sampling for visual and olfactory check with the goal of check appearance and absence of parasites.

We carry out the unloading and reloading of goods, the control of goods by sampling. About this the silos are equipped with fans to lower the temperature of goods.

In this video you can see the entire procedure of arrival of the goods and of the discharge of the same in the pit that carries the goods in the silos through a system of conveyor belts.

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