We provide producers and traders of fertilizers and fertilizers for agriculture a complete package, from the storage of bulk goods, to the bagging with customized graphics to the logistics for the delivery of the goods to the customer.

In the field of fertilizers for agriculture, the C.M.C. srl carries out the service of bagging the bulk product through our plant dedicated to fertilizers having a production capacity of about 1600 bags per hour. The system is also equipped with palletizer and pallet band.

The service offered includes the acceptance and control of the weight of the vehicle at the entrance and the discharge of the product in our warehouses, where the product is stored.

Subsequently, the bulk product is introduced into the production cycle, in which the plant introduces the exact quantity of product into the bags, which are heat sealed.

After that the full bags are transported, through tapes, inside the palletizer, which automatically forms the platform according to the settings established by the attendant.

The footplate thus formed is protected with an anti-rain cloth made of resistant plastic and a double layer of industrial stretch that allows the stacked bags to remain in position and not move during transport.

We also deal with the logistics of the transport of bagged and palletised fertilizers, with billing and delivery to customers.

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