We sell wood pellets for heating certified according to the strictest European standards and provide services related to storage and logistics of pellets.

The C.M.C. srl is equipped with a pellet bagging plant with a production capacity of about 2500 bags per hour. The plant is equipped with palletizer and pallet band, in order to seal and protect the contents.

We carry out both bagging on behalf of third parties and marketing. The C.M.C. it exclusively sells pellets certified to the highest ENplus standards.

The ENplus certification is the reference standard for the quality of pellets for domestic heating. The certification consists of three quality classes: ENplus A1, ENplus A2 and ENplus B. The class ENplus A1 is the one that identifies the highest quality, especially in terms of low ash and residual content, high calorific value and, very important, absence of toxic and harmful substances for man and the environment.

The C.M.C. srl sells pellets of class ENplus A1, which, in addition to having a higher calorific value, also limits the costs of maintenance and cleaning of the stoves, given by the very low ash residue.

We have also created the “BioLife” brand, certified ENplus A1 and marketed by us.

In addition to the “BioLife” brand, we also market other product brands, coming from the European Union countries, able to guarantee the quality of the product.


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